On his fourth and final explorative exploitation of lands he reached ours and claimed it for his king. But had we not been colonised already?
Upon arriving on our rich soil you met those you chose to call indians.
‘These indians are more civilised you see. They have not gawked at our ships. Fear of coming near us is absent. Their objects much more advanced than those that came before them.’
We already have a name.
We have already made a life of our own.
We have mathematics and astronomy far superior to the knowledge you have brought us.

Cacique Lempira was born in 1497.
Growing up he soon learned the brutality facing his people at hand of the conquistadors who threatened to take away their customs, rape their women and steal their lands.
This led to him becoming a Lenca war chief in western Honduras. In order to attempt to combat against Spanish attack, the indigenous Lenca people found refuge in the mountains, accompanied by their wives and children. Lempira was situated on the mountain by the name of Cerquín. Lempira was supposedly persuaded to attend a meeting between him, Alonso de Cáceres and a soldier companion to negotiate a peace treaty. He was approached by two men on horses, one of them holding a white flag. The other one proceeded to shoot him in the face with an arquebus. His body rolled off the side of the mountain never to be found. The 30 thousand Lencas that were left fled.

Rodrigo Ruiz was a Spaniard who wrote to the king bragging about having killed the Cacique Lempira himself. The letter began by stating that he and his fellow soldiers went to offer peace and asked the Lencas in Ciguatepeque to swear obedience to the King, as was their God given duty. The Lencas had created trenches around their terrain and so the Spanish stayed on the periphery. They waited for them to respond day and night. Even taking their water in order for them to come forth but never received an answer. They were offering help and were refused it. Lempira was encouraging his people to kill all the Spaniards and reject their peace offering. He claims to have been in a ‘mano a mano' when the killing occurred. Lempira was using an arm stolen from the conquistadors. Ruiz beat him using simply a sword and a shield. Ruiz then cut off his head to take back as proof of his success. While holding the head in one hand he fought off the rest of the indians, who had left him with life threatening injuries, with his opposite hand. He then describes the taking over of the rest of the Lenca terrain.

These events let to the complete colonisation of Honduras.

I am only concerned with the wellbeing of my people.
Your concern is towards a grand scale materialism.
You believe your God has given you ultimate claim towards all that touches the sun. Our tinted river your renamed river of the possession.
Here, you had a mass celebrating the colonising of the already colonised.

I stood there in awe with my face painted red and black. Those who came in the Santa Maria, the Niña and the Pinta were not explorers They were thirsty for blood. Hungry for our women’s purity Exploiting and ultimately destroying the aboriginal population Expanding their God and their church and the beliefs that came with them

All of this whilst on their so-called journey to find riches in ‘India’, They began a process of taking over forcefully. And still they have the audacity to claim it was simply exploration.