I did everything right. Worked hard to get the best education he could. And so was able to move to promised land.
Ran as far away from home as he could think of.

“I am finally free. Finally free of my home. Free from the limits present in my society. No more superficial judgement From my families’ unreasonable expectations I am not part of a herd anymore. I am me.”

My identity remained a question mark.
‘Where are you from?’

I said Honduras.

Something I had never touched before, had never wanted to touch before. Was never told was relevant before. By taking myself out of my usual context I obtained the desire to be an outlier instead of being part of the herd. Yet unconsciously I replaced myself within my mother’s nest. I am simply the product of a mishmash of everything. I was asked if we still lived amongst the monkeys After repeatedly mentioning Honduras, I was still constantly asked how Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, etc., was different from here, how big had been the impact from moving into a different society.
On the same day I was asked if we had to collect drinkable water from the rain.
Asked if back home he had internet access and smart phones.