Video retrato de mi familia/auto-retrato. 
Video portrait of my family/self-portrait.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
diciembre/December 2019

The birds that live in Macaw Mountain in Copan are taken care of from a young age. The caretakers and biologists gather compatible mates in giants bird cages to facilitate their creating of new lives. They feed them, give them water, bathe and care for them until the female bird lays eggs. The mother cares for the babies until they are grown enough to take care of themselves. The process begins again.

The parents are freed in one of two ways. The first is being freed within the Macaw Mountain itself, where they will be able to roam around the cages filled with birds of their own kind. The guides and caretakers leave around small plates of tropical fruits for them to snack on, this way the visitors of the park will be able to experience them in a more apparently natural way. The second option is to free them within the Mayan Ruins. Similar to the first option, they are able to soar about the park. For the most part you can't see them as they live within the high branches of the trees, far from the ground. You can occasionally spot the red stains of feathers throughout the leaves. Mostly, you can see them at the entrance and exit of the park where the same small plates of fruit are placed for tourists to wonder at the nature so far from their own.

Some of them leave, some of the birds. At the end of the day both parks prefer the red Macaws over the green ones as those are the ones more widely recognized as birds belonging to paradise. Birds more exotic to the country are more often kept in their cages until they die of natural causes. Some die of stress and sadness before reaching independence. Many of the birds in the park had small fluffy grey feathers, that not dissimilar to the grey hairs that appear on the human body, are a sign of early set depression and ageing. Along the marked paths in the parks, signs reassure the public that all the birds are treated with kindness and care.

From here, we can see green trees, pines, filling all the land. Closer to the flatlands there are tiny houses one right next to the other, they have metal sheet rooftops and walls of colorful adobe. We can see the unpaved streets go in and out of sight between homes and nature till they disappear completely, along with the cars driving on it. It is only possible to remember while within the landscape, and the further we are from it, the more beautiful it seems to be.